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Audio, Video and Cine Film

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We digitize new and vintage analogue audio, video and film formats thereby preserving your memories for future generations!


  • Analogue video tape formats to hard drive or cloud upload
  • 8mm and 16mm sound or silent film to hard drive or cloud upload
  • LP records, Audio cassettes, Open reel tapes hard drive or cloud upload
  • Photos, slides, negatives digitized


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  • Transfer ANY video format to DVD or Hard Drive
  • VHS, VHS-C, Mini DV, HDV, Hi-8mm, Standard 8mm, Digital 8mm, Betamax, Betacam, Low band U-matic, Phillips VCR


  • Purpose built film transfer machines ensure high quality transfers
  • Vibrant colours and impeccably sharp, flicker free images


  • Scan photos & slides to JPEG and save on CD-ROM
  • Create slideshows for your PC or Television


  • Convert your irreplaceable old LP's, cassette tapes, Opel reel tapes, and more, to CD
  • Easy accessible tracks and digitally enhanced